UK Care Homes Through a Singapore SPV


Benefit from major growth in the UK care home sector by investing in a Singapore private limited company

Assured return of 8%, tax free!

From £50,000

Why UK Care Homes?

The UK care home sector is a fast-growing sector

Falls into the ‘fixed income’ asset class

Also falls into the ‘real estate’ asset class —

providing more security and generating an uplift should the company be sold

It is commonly accepted that having assets

in more than one class helps diversify a portfolio

These care homes are ongoing businesses, providing stable income-yields of 8% per annum

How Does It Work?

Investors buy shares in a Singapore Private Limited company — an ‘SPV’ or Special Purpose Vehicle

SPV accumulates funds

SPV acquires asset

SPV leases asset out

Lessee pays SPV

SPV pays dividends to investors

No property stamp duty

No legal — conveyancing — fees

No capital gains taxes

The investor keeps more of their own money

No exorbitant management fees


Singapore regulated

Why an SPV?

How are dividends

The stable income from the care home operator

provides the fixed income dividends — in this case 7.5-9.5% 

The care home operator has excellent

experience in running care homes in the UK

The UK care home operator guarantees

the income over a 25 year period

Paid from a Standard Charted Singapore Bank Account

Returns are paid as dividends from

the Singapore Private Limited company

Dividends are capital gains tax free in Singapore

All fees and costs are paid by the company

What about all taxes

and legal fees?

Sell shares to another

shareholder in the company*

Sell shares to a person in the

CrowdHub Group network

Sell shares to a third party

There are three ways to exit

* This is done through the company secretary.

  The care home operator has first refusal in buying    
  shares, and is the most likely purchase them.

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